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Selling a property isn't as simple as you think. That's why realtors exist. We're professional, knowledgeable, and experienced when it comes to listing, marketing, and selling real estate. From a fair asking price to taking care of contracts and paperwork, we're here to help you when things go great AND when they don't. 



Getting your home exposed to potential buyers doesn't mean posting it on Facebook. When selling your home, you're paying for your own marketing and advertising and that only goes so far. Real Estate Agents have extensive reach when it comes to exposing a property to the right people. That includes networks of clients, other agents, and the out of state market. With the Multiple Listing Service, online listing services, and social media presence, we're prepared to sell your property.



Most home owners don't realize how much time and energy it takes to list, market, show, and close real estate listings. From scheduling showings and answering the phone to juggling bankers, lawyers, appraisers, and inspectors, an agent spends hours and hours making sure your transaction is on track. Do you have the ability to leave work or excuse yourself from a meeting every time something needs to be done? That's what realtors are for! We handle it all from start to finish.


Qualifying buyers

We don't waste your time with unqualified buyers. When an agent shows your property to a potential buyer, he or she has confirmed that they are pre-approved by mortgage lender or provide a "proof of funds" from their bank. It can be difficult for homeowners to do this while dealing with all other tasks associated with selling their property or while at work 40 hours per week.


Negotiating and pricing

Agents are the experts at negotiating and pricing a property to sell. We know the fair market value of your property and how to get you the most equity out of it. That's why the average selling price of a home is higher with a Real Estate Agent than a FSBO. We also take the emotional aspect out of the process and become the middleman for lenders, title companies, lawyers, and other agents. When choosing to do FSBO, you're left to navigate all of this on your own.


Paperwork and contracts

There are pages and pages of legal documents and forms that are required when selling a property. Realtors know the ins and outs of the transaction and ensure that these are completed correctly. If they aren't, or if you fail disclose something to the buyer, it leaves you, the property owner, at risk. That's why using an agent is a smart move.

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